Moging World魔灵世界

Moging World

Moging World

Moging World

This is a great picture flying parkour game. In this magical world, a beautiful bird is being ferocious dragon hunt.
You want to control this agile bird escaped dragon.

Mode of operation:
1 Slip up and down the screen to control the upper and lower flight.
2 Tilt the device left and right to control flying around.

Game Contents:
1. Game will appear in a variety of props (magnets, large coins, shields, sprint) to help you get more points.
2. A Lot of tasks and accomplishments.
3. Upgrade character attributes to achieve higher scores.
4. Participate in online interaction, challenge the world players.魔灵世界

1. 上下划动屏幕,控制上下飞行。
2. 左右倾斜设备,控制左右飞行。

1. 游戏中会出现多种道具(磁铁,大金币,护盾,冲刺)助你得到更高分。
2. 多种任务成就。
3. 升级角色属性实现更高的分数。
4. 参与在线互动,挑战世界玩家。

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